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Download [Pacific Sun Entertainment] Lost on sex island Scene #1
Studio: Pacific Sun Entertainment
Cast: Billy Brandt, Kirk Kelley, Damian Ford, Jason Hawke, Dane Brando, Drew Peters, Gregg Rockwell, Jay Ross
Genres: Gay, DILF, Couples
Video language: English

The ever-scrumptious Billy Brandt finds himself shipwrecked on a mysterious sex island off the coast of Cuba, populated with perpetually horny man-slaves and controlled by the enigmatic Doctor Vixen, who’s got special plans for our captive cutie.

Billy’s looking quite lean and ripped and sports a sexy frosted-highlights ’do and a navel ring. He even has some ink, though his tattoos have been airbrushed out of the cover photos.

Billy sends off a message in a bottle before finding himself pursued by one of the frisky island natives (Kirk Kelley). They have a sexual confrontation in the bamboo, where exotic Kirk deep slurps on Billy’s plump dangler.

Kirk leads Billy back to the Doctor’s secret island hideaway (actually, it looks more like a college dorm, what with the Venetian blinds and glass brick windows). Inside, things heat up pretty fiercely with some rim chewing, but there’s an alarming instance of stunt-cocking to come that will soon chill the mood.

Kirk proceeds to slurp on Billy’s tight rosy bud, and while Billy’s bent over and getting his clench spot tongue-shellacked, he winces and squeals like a little bitch-boy bottom, quivering with shrilly delight (notice here how relatively un-hairy Billy’s underside is). There’s some perfunctory fucking that follows, but I challenge anyone to prove to me that our Billy is actually penetrating Kirk. We never see Billy’s face, body and erection in the same shot. When we do see a quick extreme close-up of a stiff condom-wrapped dick sliding in and out of Kirk’s heinie, the pounding ass cheeks on top, I suspect, belong to the stand-in (these cheeks are noticeably hairier than Billy’s near-smooth crack; I doubt Billy’s ass crevasse suddenly sprouted a fluffier tuft of butt hair during his lunch break). Alas, Kirk squeezes off a round of cream, but orgasm-challenged Billy is left unreleased.

Format: lavfpref
Duration: 9:30
Video: 720x480, AVC (H.264)
Audio: 125kbps

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Category: Геи»  Gays

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