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Dear legal owners and content producers, FileStream.ORG offers you collaboration.

The FileStream.ORG system is open to general use and acts in accordance with current legislation. Any information in the system is placed by users without any control, that corresponds to the common world practice of adding the information to the internet.

At the same time the system administration disapproves of breaking copyright, including:

  • - exclusive right for reproduction;
  • - exclusive right for spreading;
  • - exclusive right for public demonstration;
  • - exclusive right for coming to general notice;

and if your rights are broken in any way in usage of this service we ask to inform immediately the complain service abuse@FileStream.ORG. Your message will be taken into consideration.

Obligatory information to make abuse:

  • Product information:
    - full product name;
    - official product website.
  • Legal owner information:
    - full juridical person name;
    - post address;
    - the legal owner website address;
    - contact person (name, position, phone number, e-mail address).
  • Claim information:
    - full description of the point of copyright breaking (why the information is prohibited for spreading by the legal owner);
    - the website address where the link for the information that breaks copyright is;
    - the link itself. The link must look like: https://FileStream.ORG/news/xxxxx/

Notice: Anonymous and uncompleted complaints will not be accepted. Thank you for understanding.