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Cast: Margo, Delphin

Be careful around Margo! Even though this sexy teen girl looks so sweet and innocent, shes like a horny tigress waiting to pounce. Once the hungry kitten is around red hot meat filled with pumping blood, she goes crazy and wont let up until her pussy gets what it wants. The chicks teen boyfriend Delphin knows exactly how to please the horny teen. He stuffs his big cock into her mouth and lets her slurp it into her throat. This gets Margo so horny that you can see her shaved pink pussy starting to glisten with its leaking juices. Delphin pets her swollen clit and makes the kinky teen babe beg for a hard fucking. The girl gets right up on his cock and starts to hop up and down, impaling the prick up into her tightest spots. Delphin really gives this wild teen a good ramming when he flips her over and shoves his dick up her wet snatch. Margo has to hold onto the sofa to keep from flying through the air with the force of the pounding. She lets go only to turn around and watch the hot cum squirting out of her boyfriends cock and onto her tight teen body.

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