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Download Cream Of the Crop 11
Studio: Xtraordinary Pictures
Video language: English

Internal Cumshots in Every Scene! Amber, Zack & BretAmber has just left her husband and checks into the first cheap motel she can find, where she meets up with Zack and Bret. They boys tell her everything will be okay, and let her know they will keep her company. Amber, feeling vulnerable, reluctantly allows them to film her very first fuck scene. Both guys fuck her mouth and pussy until they fill her pussy with jizm. Laughing, the guys leave the stupid girl alone with her pussy full of their cum.Rockessa & Zack MilesZack's tired of fucking ugly skank whores, so when he meets up with Rockessa, a bartender form Ft. Worth, he's more than ready to fuck the bitch up. Zack begins by throat fucking the little tramp, then quickly bores into her sweet, tight asshole. He then unloads a massive cum shot up her rectum and has her squeeze out the goop for his viewing pleasure.Rain & Zack MilesRain is the kind of whore that ends up getting strangled by a serial killer and tossed into a garbage bin. Lucky for us, Zack gets to her first. Unfortunately for Rain, Zack mercilessly chokes her with his cock until she's begging for . Zack laughs at her whimpering pleas and drills into her helpless pink asshole. Rain tried to go to the "happy place" in her mind, but Zack slaps her back to reality by unloading chunks of cum into her blown out pussy. After all the splooge drains out of her cunt, Zack drops Rain off in the bad part of town where she can fulfill her destiny.

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