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Download Betrayal Of Innocence 02
Studio: Coast to Coast
Cast: Elizabeth, Gina, George, Claudia, Clea, Tanya, Anita, Zita, Tibor, Gonci, Vasas Tilko, Anna K, Zsigmond, Angie, Zsa Zsa, Dynamite, Marika, Terry Geiz, Alexa.
Video language: English

In part two of Betrayal of Innocence, known as "The Decadence," innocent Marika attemps to numb the sad heart left by her missing lover -- Miklos -- in the adultery of Budapest. She indulges in the carnal fantasies of the wealthy heiress, Alexus, and discovers every sexual possibility in this tawdry new erotic realm. But she still longs for the lover she left behind. Filmed across the sweeping landscapes of Romania, Betrayal of Innocence is a sweeping drama, a 3-part classic, destined to be remembered for years to come

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