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Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Baker decides to take his sexual education to the next level. He let me know ahead of time that he couldn’t promise he’d be very responsive to the guy-guy stuff. But as you’ll see, once things get going - even he’s surprise how receptive he is for everything!

Henry and coed Demi focus all their attention on him, and he enjoys basking in it. Not only is he responsive - he begins craving more of it! Baker finds that he loves the feeling of Henry’s mouth around his big dick just as much as Demi’s, and he’s fully blown away by having two mouths, four hands, two tongues and two sets of lips to work him over!

Once the intense physical pleasure becomes apparent, Baker is fully into it and all barriers come down!

Henry is fully aware of just what an incredible experience this all probably is for Baker, and so does his upmost to really blow him over. Not that there isn’t something in it for him too! Henry loves the expression of a guy’s first time with another man - and the triumphant feeling when the young man can’t hold back anymore and shoots out his first guy-on-guy induced thick explosive load!

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Category: Фетиш»  Bisexual

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