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Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

We all saw how hot Noel’s cock looked in his introductory solo episode, but I swear I think it somehow managed to get even bigger and thicker for his first bit of hardcore action here. Granted, it could just be the image of seeing someone struggle to fit that thick cock in their mouth, or what it looks like as it’s plunging in and out of a tight hole, but Noel’s definitely packing a hot dick, and he looks incredible while using it!Noel’s thrusts are long and hard, and you really do see every inch of that big dick sliding in and out. His thrusts are so long, in fact, you keep expecting to see that entire dick come out as he pulls back - but it doesn’t, because there are still at least a couple inches deep inside his lucky partner!By the end of the action, a big, thick load works itself all the way out of Noel’s cock, and he is spent!

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