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Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Hot summer days bring steamy and naughty thoughts. Colt hits on Brooke in the pool but we all know that he’s the type of guy that prefers to have it all. He asks Brooke if she thinks that new guy, Jon, would be interested. Well there’s one way to find out.

Before long they have him in the next room, completely naked, and totally hard. Seeing that Jon is just as like-minded as they are in his fantasies they take advantage of the situation- and him!

There is no pretending here, everyone is into it and willing to go the next step- which ends up with Colt on his back getting pounded by Jon! With each thrust, Jon gets more and more into the feel of Colt’s hole. We begin to wonder if Colt will cum before Jon does, but Jon holds off till just seconds after Colt before shooting out another one of those gigantic loads of his!

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Category: Фетиш»  Bisexual

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