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Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Garrett gets into some action today with one of our horny coeds. First she starts by jerking him off under his underwear as they make out. Then she licks him all the way down his tan body, starting from his chest down to his hard dick!

Garrett’s balls are full and swollen. He’s just dying to get a load out wherever he can- and the hot little thing in front of him is willing to do anything in her power to make that happen for him!

She chokes on his rod over and over again. Then she lays back and Garrett takes off her underwear and fucks her. His big dick is almost too much and she begs for him to take it slow. Which he does, for a bit, but just long enough to work and loosen her up. Then he’s railing her from underneath and from behind until he gets that glorious release he’d been saving up for- and drenches her back with his cum!

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