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Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

It’s Daniel’s birthday and coed Gia had quit the present in store! It wasn’t much of a surprise, she made it really obvious, but that only made Daniel completely ready for what’s to come!
Daniel’s dick was rock hard and try as she may, Gia couldn’t get all that long cock down her throat - but that didn’t stop her from trying! Giving in she decided to move it to the hole that she knew could take it balls deep!
Although it’s his present, Daniel makes sure she’s taken care of too. He starts with his mouth until she’s yelling out. His nice dick makes her tremble as he enters her. We get to really see his technique and precision as he focuses on her spot - and we get a great view of his spectacular ass! Then Gia jumps on and shows him her riding skills and it’s another site to behold. Switching to doggy-style, Daniel gets the view of her ass - with the added bonus of getting to see his dick slide between it! Although it was Daniel’s birthday - Daniel fucked Gia so good she might think it’s hers too!

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