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Studio: Coast to Coast
Cast: Fallon, Cameo, Renee Foxx, Britt Morgan, Karen De'Oar, Delilah Dawn, Joey Silvera, Jon Dough, Dan Cooper, Caldwell Arthur, Joey Silvera.
Video language: English

Fallon is back and wetter than ever in this steamy third installment of the scintillating series. In this episode, Jon Dough plays the host of a TV talk show whose ratings are falling through the floor. His program manager wants him to put porno 'squirt queen' Fallon on the air to boost the numbers, but they just can't seem to track her down. That's when they hit on the brilliant idea to have the manager's girlfriend Cameo pretend to be Fallon, and go on the show and fake it. But just when Cameo's about to set foot on stage, the real Fallon shows up and challenges her to a salaciously sexy competition. Since Fallon is known far and wide for her ability to ejaculate during orgasm, she proposes that she and Cameo engage in a little contest to see which of them is the real squirt queen and which isn't. It's wild and sexy fun from start to finish as we're treated to a tantalizing look at the ins and outs of television production. A host of lusty ladies keep this one bubbling right along, with boobilicious beauties like Britt Morgan and Delilah Dawn pulling out all the stops on their way to utter sensual nirvana.

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